Magen –  Main party platform issues

Magen is a social party with an uncompromising commitment to Israel’s security, assuring the provision of defense and settlement needs, and advancing solidarity and cooperation in Israeli society.  Magen works to renew and adapt Zionism to changing times and to establish the state of Israel as a just, moral society committed to communal values.  Its main goals are:

  1. To foster the unity of Israel and its citizens, and to encourage tolerant and consolidating dialogue
  2. To defend the state of Israel and ensure its security needs, and to adopt a proactive policy for resolving issues in the Middle East
  3. To strengthen the law-enforcement system and to instill it with restraint of power, the necessary balances, the controls, reason and integrity – with the aim of protecting the rights of all the residents of Israel and defending them within the framework of the law
  4. To bring about genuine equality for minorities through a multi-year program of massive investment in infrastructure, planning, housing, industry and education to integrate them into Israeli society
  5. To transfer the geographically distant and disadvantaged segments of Israel’s population from the backyard to the forefront
  6. To defend the centrality and importance of Israel’s traditions and strengthen the heritage of the Jewish people
  7. To ensure high-quality education for all from pre-school, through school to academia, and to promote a high level of understanding of values, Israel’s traditions, and love of the homeland
  8. To maintain a competitive business sector, fairly and efficiently controlled – for the benefit of all the citizens of Israel
  9. To revitalize the public sector so that its aims will be to develop infrastructures and to serve the residents of the state of Israel efficiently, and to significantly change the functioning and management of the government to conform to the needs of the 21st century
  10. To take care of those who serve in the Israel Defense Forces, the security forces and the volunteers – it is they who ensure the continued existence of the state of Israel. The state of Israel will protect those who serve in its defense systems through the “Law Granting Immunity for Actions Taken During Security Operations” that The Magen Party intends to legislate
  11. To judiciously develop the different regions of the country: the Golan, Galilee, Judea and Samaria, the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, the Negev and the Arava desert will be upgraded and Jerusalem will be strengthened
  12. To promote innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture and industry – these are the foundation of the country’s economy and we have to support them; to preserve open green
    spaces, ensure animal rights and welfare, and protect Israel’s nature reserves.
  13. To launch a “Growing Old with Dignity” program that will provide an overall framework to support and strengthen the elderly in Israel. The program will promote social recognition of the third generation through education from an early age, encouraging community involvement and volunteering, and improving the medical, nursing care and economic support
  14. To immediately implement the two-year program “The Holocaust Survivors are the Heart of Us All” to provide dedicated and informed treatment for Holocaust survivors. The program will ensure the immediate transfer of the financial and other resources required to enable every Holocaust survivor to lead a high-quality, dignified and full life